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Sears Credit Card Phone Number | 1-800-267-1660


If you are using a Sears credit card and you do not have the access to the sears credit card phone number, this article is the right thing for you to read. The sears credit card company and its services are renowned for their hospitality.

They offer high assistance to their customers in every accessible way possible. Having your credit card company’s phone number can prove to be beneficial in your favor as you can contact them anytime at any place because everyone has access to a cell phone now a days.

Sears Credit Card Phone Number: 1-800-267-1660


Benefits of having sears credit card phone number

We are living in the 21st century and it would be unbelievable to hear that any sensible person with a bank account has no access to a mobile phone. Come on! They are a part of us now. People care for their phones like their babies. Maybe more than their babies!

So having no phone must not be an excuse. You can take a lot of advantage and can get services easily by just a single call to your credit card company. You just need the phone number which you are going to get here.

Easy access

Mobile phones have now become the most common gadget among the world. People are using them worldwide. In fact I think there are more phones in this world than people and someday our world will be facing cell phone apocalypse.

But still your cell phone has been there for you in your hard times and it will still be there for you when you will need any assistance regarding your sears credit card as it is the easiest medium to connect with anyone.

24/7 availability

The sears credit card have not only a diverse range of different phone numbers for each of your problems but also has a toll free number which gives you 24/7 availability. You simply just dial the number if any of the other numbers are unavailable. 1-800-815-7701.


Sending a mail or posting a letter for your queries about sears credit card is not often so reliable. It is possible that your mail was send but it remains in the trash or spam and you will keep on thinking what you did wrong that you were not given an answer.

Or maybe if it happens that you wrote a letter and posted to the office and it just flew in the storm while the windows of the postal bus were open. Not so reliable right? But if you just call the customer service centre for your problems, you can directly get explanation in an instant which makes it more reliable and trustworthy.

Phone numbers of different department of Sear’s

As mentioned above, sears credit card has a uniqueness in whatever they do be it about their shops, credit cards, customer care offices or phone number.

Phone numbers of sears credit card have been divided in different categories for the ease of its customer and the customer’s consultant as well as each problem is handled by a single unit of Sears credit card customer service.

Activation number:

If you want to apply for sears credit card or even if you have got your card and now you have some queries regarding application and activation, Sears Card activation phone number is 1-800-589-7327. You can get all the details of how to apply for a card and how to activate your card through this number.

Cancellation number:

People usually apply for a credit card just to check its policies and some people just get bored after using the same card. Obviously in both cases they would want to cancel their cards. So if you are also one of the so many people just call on 800-917-7700 and cancel your sears credit card.

Account management number

Oh! So you have got your sears credit card account but you are having difficulties about how to manage your account in the right way. Do not be a stubborn soul to start to do things on your own. Relax and take a deep breath! This is the number of account management and inquiry 1-800-265-3675 so from now own if you are troubled with your account setting get some help!

Payment information number

As you are well aware that you have to make payments through your sears credit cards using any method like Sears login, you might wonder about the detailing on your payment process. If somehow you make a payment and you do not receive your confirmation message from sears credit card, you can seek help by dialing 1-800-267-1660.

Status/balance check number

Are you just getting bored on the weekend and suddenly you think why not just check your remaining account balance just so you can scare yourself or if you are just waiting for an approval from sears credit card and you want to know how far the process has reached, you can ask on 800-669-8488 to get all the needed information. You can also check application status of your card contacting the same phone number.


Any technical issue with your sears credit card like trouble in payments or transaction or if your card is stuck in the ATM machine because you are a reckless user 1-800-815-7701 this number will help you for providing immediate services.

Outside Canada

If you are using a sears credit card and somehow you are visiting some outer station outside Canada U.S., and Puerto Rico and you are having some issues relating to your sears credit card, there is a solution for that as well. Call on the following number 1-800-437-3277 and your queries will be answered and you will be satisfied.

Other phone numbers

A brief list of all the other service numbers relating to every department in which Sears deal with is given below so now you don’t need to worry about anything be it sears store, club or master card.

  • Sears MasterCard Account Inquires


  • Sears Club


  • Sears Catalogue Order/ Customer Service


  • Sears Home Central Service and Parts


  • TTY for Hearing Impaired


  • Sears Travel Service


  • Sears Portrait Studios- Home Office


So, these are the all Sear’s credit card phone numbers you can find. Hope you’d have found this guide really helpful to connect with Sears card. If you still have question or want to give your valuable commend/feedback, please write it down in below comment box.

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